Here at, we love celebrating birthdays. We love inviting some of our favorite MILFs back into the studio and giving them what they want. So, guys, it's time to wish a belated happy 60th birthday to DeAnna Bentley, a short 'n' horny divorcee from Ohio who turned 60 this past September. Her birthday gift: a cream pie. "Mmmmm," she said, licking her lips. "Just what I always wanted." Now, the last time DeAnna was here, we mentioned that she's unusual because she knows exactly how many men she's fucked in her life. Back then, the number was 46. And now, a year later? "Seventy," she said. "I know, I've been going pretty wild, but every time I tell a man that I did a porn scene, they want to see it. And once I start showing it to them, my hand starts wandering to their cocks." This scene should get another rise out of the many men who seem to enter DeAnna's life.

Is this the No. 1 main event in the history of and Is it the greatest pairing in the history of mature the cock-hardening history of MILF porn? It just might be. Lola Lee, 67, and Jewel, 62, together in one bed, in the same scene, with one guy. The ultimate GILF three-way. We've been wanting to make this happen for a long time-you've been wanting us to make this happen for a long time-and we finally got these two women together. So, here's the schedule: Hardcore photos today. Video interview with blow job comparison on Wednesday. Three-way XXX video on Thursday. If you're wondering, yes, lucky Tony got to fuck Lola Lee and Jewel twice because we shot the photo set and video separately. On to the photos! .

Who says we're selfish? Who says we don't pay attention to our models' needs? Last time she visited us, Bea Cummins said, "My fantasy is to have sex with two or three fit young men and let them have their way with me." So, when Bea returned to our studio-now 67 years old and looking sexier than ever-we made her fantasy (and ours, if you want to know the truth) come true: So here's Bea, one of our most popular ladies ever, with John and Juan. John is 29. Juan is 27. They're two of our biggest and our best, and Bea deserves them. But the question is, did they have their way with Bea or did Bea have her way with them? "I couldn't help it," Bea said when we pointed out that at times, she became the aggressor. "It's not every woman who gets to have her fantasy fulfilled at age 67 while the whole world watches." Including her husband. Yep, Mr. Cummins was sitting just a few feet away while John and Juan fuck his wife. But more about Mr. Cummins later.

Too much time has passed since Lola Lee made her last appearance here. Over four months, in fact. So bringing her back was a no-brainer, especially considering the comments that members made about her most-recent photos and videos. From Milfwhisperer: "Like a fine wine, Lola Lee is exquisite. Pour me another glass, please!" Corey1: "Lola lee, you've got the total package. You make this 40-year-old black dick hard. Keep on fuckin'!" Chrissy: "The most beautiful woman on the planet. Oh, and the sexiest, too!" Salto: "Simply the best!" Theboss: "Lola is great. If you just keep bringing back Lola, Jewel and Bea, I'll be a happy guy." Said Lola herself, "I really didn't think that anybody would be so crazy about seeing me again that they would ask for me, so I was glad about it. And I always love coming to your studio.

Lucas and his young wife have a problem: He can't--ahem--perform. In bed, of course. She's young and attractive, so clearly she's not the problem..or is she? Couples counselor Jewel plans on getting to the heart of the problem. "In situations like this, it's usually best if I meet with the couple separately," Jewel says. "If you don't mind, I'll start with Lucas." Lucas's wife leaves the room, and that's when the truth comes out. Asked how long he's been having problems, Lucas says, "Well, to be honest, ever since we got married 10 years ago." "Ten years?" Jewel says. "You haven't had sex in 10 years?" "Well, we used to have sex, but the only way I could ever perform was by fantasizing." "Fantasizing?" "Yes. About older women." "Well, how old does a woman have to be to turn you on?" Jewel says. "About your age," Lucas says. "I think it's time we tested your theory," Jewel responds, shoving her tits in his face. Turns out that Lucas is right. He has no problem getting it up for 62-year-old Jewel. He has no problem fucking her mature mouth and drilling her 60something pussy. He has no trouble cumming all over her GILF face. Now what's he gonna do about that young wife?

Having had her ass stuffed by Castro in her last appearance here, 60-year-old divorcee Summeran Winters is back for more, this time wearing sexy, vintage lingerie. This time, Juan does the honors, fucking her face and her pussy, but not her ass. "I don't think my ass could take anymore after last time," Summeran said. "Besides, my pussy needed a little bit of action this time." Summeran gets dicked every which way, then takes Juan's load all over her face, smiling wide for the camera because she's such a horny cum slut. "It's very exciting to think that men still find me sexually attractive, especially a man as young as Juan. He's half my age!" Summeran said. "It just gets me very excited to know that there are guys sitting at home right now, and they're masturbating. Looking at my photos and having a good time. I read all the comments about my pictures and video on, and it was very flattering, especially when there are so many young girls who they could be looking at." Who needs young girls when you can have a woman like Summeran? "That's what a lot of men have told me," she said. "I'll never get tired of hearing it.".

Miranda Torri, a 66-year-old divorcee from South Florida, returns and gets the Lucas treatment. That means a big, black cock is going to stuff her mouth and well-used pussy. But, as Miranda told us in her video interview, she's used to getting fucked by big, black cocks. "I'm living with a guy," she said. "He just turned 30. He's a hung, black stud. He's about nine and a half inches. He let me measure him one day when he had a huge hard-on." We're guessing that Lucas is a bit bigger than nine and a half inches, although we've never measured him (and we missed the opportunity to have Miranda measure him). Miranda says the biggest cock she's ever had was 11 inches, but, this isn't a competition, right? This is all about a very horny woman who loves getting fucked by black men. By our estimation, this scene puts Miranda well ahead of Cassy, her 44-year-old daughter who fucked for Daughter did not do interracial. Mom did.

Summeran Winters is 60! Yep, the star of the DVD 50Plus MILFs Anal Edition turned 60 on August 8, 1950, but we didn't have the chance to give her her present until she visited the studio yesterday, And what did we have for Summeran? Yes, a big, black cock..more specifically, Castro's big, black cock. A monster cock. So thick that when Summeran saw her present, she thought for a few seconds about returning it. "I don't know if I can handle that!" said this divorcee from Wyoming. Handle it? Heck, not only did we want Summeran to handle it, we wanted her to suck and fuck it, too. "Okay, I'll try," Summeran said. "But when I asked for a black man to fuck for my 60th birthday, I didn't think his cock would be that big!" Hey, Summeran, the big 6-0 comes along once in a lifetime. What did you think we were going to give you, flowers and candy? So Summeran dressed up in her birthday best (don't you love the stockings?) and proceeded to unwrap her present. First, she got as much cock into her mouth as possible. And then, after Castro lubed up her pussy with plenty of spit, she prepared to stretch her 60-year-old pussy around the thickest cock it's ever had. "I didn't think I could do it!" Summeran said afterwards. "But I did it, and I loved it!" Happy birthday, Summeran!

Sandra Ann turned 76 a few weeks ago. We don't know about you, but we don't know many 70somethings who have 1.) Fucked on camera while they were in their 70s; and 2.) Had a threesome (on-camera or otherwise) with two hung studs. The studs are Lucas, the first guy to fuck Sandra Ann for, and John. You might have noticed the new tattoo on Sandra Ann's left breast: It says GANGBANG QUEEN, and we would have loved to see the look on the tattoo artist's face when Sandra Ann walked into the store and asked for it. "I asked him if he wanted me to prove it," Sandra Ann said, "but he didn't have any of his friends around, so I just gave him a blow job as a tip." In these photos, Sandra Ann shows off how much she loves sucking cock and balls. She takes Lucas's huge cock in her pussy while deep-throating John. Then the guys switch positions, and Sandra Ann keeps taking all they've got to give her until they both cum on her face. "My only fetish is sucking cock, so this was wonderful," Sandra Ann said. And how about that tattoo? "I'm definitely going to show these photos to my tattoo friend," she said. "Maybe then he'll get some of his friends together for me." Sandra Ann. Truth in advertising.

Sandra Ann turns 76 next week, so we decided to give her an early birthday present: A cum facial. Yep, we rounded up one of our best studs, asked him to not cum for a few days (and eat plenty of mayonnaise and cum-enhancing herbs), then turned him loose on our oldest MILF ever. "I've been waiting all afternoon watching you," Sandra Ann says to Juan, who has been washing her car. "I want you to cum all over my face." Yep, from car wash to white wash! Sandra Ann is the finest cum-eating 70something we've ever seen!